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Today in WTF: How Did This Lipstick Mark Get INSIDE the Toilet Bowl?

Lipstick marks can go anywhere. Lipstick marks on collared shirts. Sometimes on your neck. Most commonly, on your lips. But, on the toilet? What. The. Fuck.

A picture surfaced on Twitter of a lipstick mark in a toilet bowl Tuesday night. @ClawedHumor posted the pic captioned “Stranger Things – 2018”.

The post caused a thread of jokes to develop after people saw the lipstick and questioned its appearance. Even @ClawedHumor could not explain it properly.

Another account reasoned the lipstick made its way to the toilet bowl through a usual suspect: alcohol.

The full story needs to surface. Speculation can only go so far. Can only imagine the person’s face the next day and seeing the mark on the toilet.

2018: This is going to be a good year.


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