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Tom Brady Reacts to Trump’s Tweets About the NFL

Trump and his Twitter made headlines once again this weekend. This time, Trump decided to comment on the NFL for allowing their “son of a bitch” players to protest during the national anthem.

Players across the NFL began to knee in protest to deter Trump’s misguided thinking that the players are unpatriotic. Players from the New England Patriots knelt, and some linked arms. Brady joined his team and linked arms in solidarity.

This morning on a sports radio show, he reacted to Trump’s tweets:

“I think that is what unity and love — like I said after the game, those are the things that concern me. When you’re in a locker room full of 53 players, you’re working to a common goal. You support the guys that you play with and you support your coaches, coaches support you. You just do the best you can do. You’re navigating through life. These things aren’t easy.”

He called Trump’s tweets “divisive” and “disagrees” with his comments. People have been waiting to hear from Brady in response to Trump and the NFL because of Brady’s apparent support of Trump. He even has a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker.

But on Sunday, Brady was with his team, and knew where to place his priorities and understandings.

Trump took to Twitter again this morning, denying the truth behind the kneeling protest:

When will he ever speak any truth?

[via Mashable]

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