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Tom Ford’s New $4,000 Lipstick Holder Is Everything

tom-ford-lipstick-clutch-embedFor most of us, lipstick is an unassuming thing to carry. Let’s be honest: it typically takes up residence at the bottom of your bag, jumbled amongst overlooked change, receipts, and hair ties only to remain stubbornly absent in your moment of need.

Well, Tom Ford has a solution to prioritize and even glorify your lipstick with his limited edition minaudière. This petite new evening purse (which comes with a tube of Tom Ford’s Vanilla Suede lip color) features a designated space to hold your lipstick, stationed conveniently on the side. And although it is unclear what else is conceivably capable of fitting into the thing, it certainly is lovely to look at.  As sparkly as it is impractical, the price tag on said box of plexiglass perfection is (brace yourself) $3,950.

That, folks, is equivalent to 123 and a half tubes of the designer’s wildly popular ‘Lips & Boys’ lipstick, or, 79 of his signature lip colors, depending on your preference. Just saying.

collageTo top it off, Naomi Cambell debuted the bag for the red carpet before the designer’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway show, to which’s Amber Kallor brilliantly conjectured, “The real reason she hurled her cell phone at her housekeeper? She couldn’t fit it in her purse.”

Seems plausible.


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