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‘Top Chef’ Host Tom Colicchio Pens a Recipe for Equality

Top Chef host Tom Colicchio, is doing exactly what is necessary of us all to make the much needed changes in societal equality and better treatment of one another. His statements rang true to not only the restaurant industry but people in general.

“The recent ‘revelations’ of rampant harassment in the restaurant industry weren’t exactly a shocker to the women working in it. Or the men, for that matter. This isn’t just a matter of a few bad eggs and ​we all know it,” said Colicchio. His acknowledgement of such a matter, addresses the silent attitude many uphold when witnessing such lewd behaviors by fellow men.

He furthermore goes on to address how we can effectively alter and better all industries. “I’m betting that we’re smart and confident enough to level the playing field and create real opportunity, or at least learn how it’s done from the new crop of women (and men) running their own kickass kitchens humanely and winning awards, while parenting young kids.”

His comments ring true in that often major companies tend to grant immunity to those they see as irreplaceable due to their talents –  a toxic relationship that is only detrimental to the rest of company staff as seen in recent incidents in Hollywood.


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