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Top Reasons to Consider ITIL V3 Foundation Certification

For many years, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) has established industry standardsin managing, aligning, and supporting the Information Technology Service Management with the requirements of businesses. ITIL functions as the governing agency for IT and utilizes the Service Lifecycle of ITIL to construct the complete journey from the customer requirements and needs to continual improvement of services. Earning the ITIL certification validates that you have the knowledge and skills required to achieve maximum benefits from the implementation of Service Management.

There are numerous potentials that come with the PrepAway ITIL v3 foundation certification and they are worth exploring. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that professionals with this credential not only earn good salaries, but also have the flexibility of job roles. In other words, they can easily switch roles in their organization. In case you are not very sure of the potentials inherent in earning any of the ITIL certifications, we have highlighted some top reasons why you should consider pursuing these credentials.

Excellent Skill Sets

The ITIL certifications are categorized into five major levels that showcase different degrees of mastery. These levels are enumerated below:

ITIL Foundation: this is the first step and the entry-level credential course that intimates candidates with the general concepts, terminology, and elements utilized in the ITIL Service Lifecycle and the associated stages of its lifecycle.

ITIL Practitioner: this level focuses specifically on how to start adopting and adapting ITIL structure in everyday scenarios and situations.

ITIL Intermediate: this certification level is further broken into different models that focus on a new approach to ITSM by exploring in-depth content over and beyond the previous credential levels. The Intermediate credential level is believed to be the general industry-wide qualification for a lot of prospective IT jobs.

ITIL Expert: this certification level focuses on the macro approach to ITIL Scheme in detail. This level is considered to be a much-esteemed credential for ITIL best practices and knowledge.

ITIL Master: this is the final level of certification in the ITIL program and it demonstrates a comprehensive and complete knowledge of the methods, principles, and advanced approach of ITIL and its management procedures. Attaining this level of credential will place you among the most valuable and best practitioners in your area of expertise.

By achieving any of the above certificates, you will drastically enhance your skill set, which will help you attain the best knowledge on how ITIL is implemented and managed across most Information Technology infrastructure.

Higher Paying Jobs

This is an important aspect of any career. No matter how passionate you are about your job, if it is not paying your bills, there is no way you can derive fulfillment from it. If you want to increase your earning potentials, achieving the ITIL certification is a sure step towards this dream. With this credential on your resume, you can expect to receive lucrative offers from potential employers. In fact, the ITIL certification is listed among one of the highest paying IT credentials by Techopedia. Professionals with this credential can expect to earn six figures income.

ITIL Sets You Apart

One great way to stand out from the crowd of employees is to have a well-recognized certification, and this is what ITIL gives to you. With this credential, you will be very confident in your expertise and capabilities, and your manager will also respect you. An advanced level of the ITIL credential gives you a verifiable edge over other candidates in a job pool. This is because the credential shows tothe potential employer that you are well educated and highly skilled in industry best-practices.

Opportunity to Explore Different Job Roles

In addition to offering you higher paying opportunities, the ITIL certification also allows you to explore different job roles. With the ITIL certificate, it will be easy to access many options in terms of job functions within an organization. Professionals with expertise in any of the advanced level of theITILcredentials can have access to numerous opportunities, and they can choose from. With an advanced ITIL credential, you can easily get a top job role in an organization of your choice and expect a highly competitive salary.

ITIL Is Used Globally

One major advantage of the ITIL certification is that it is globally recognized and used almost in any industry that depends on stringent controlled information services. Currently, there are more than 10,000 organizations that implementing ITIL all over the world. The implication of this is that professionals who are certified in ITIL have greater job opportunities to explore from anywhere in the world. The demand for certified professionals that can implement the ITIL framework is on the rise,and the candidates with this credential have numerous options in terms of location, industry, and competitive salaries.

Gain Credibility and Knowledge

The ITIL certifications courses are very comprehensive. This gives candidates the opportunity to increase their knowledge base on IT infrastructure. When you go through the process of learning the intricacies of ITIL and master its credential courses, you can easily flow into your new job role without any hitch. By taking the credential course, you will gain knowledge of the IT framework implementation, guiding principles, and management strategies, which will enable you to function exceptionally in your job role. This ultimately gives you the credibility at your workplace and earns you the respect of your peers as well as your manager.


ITIL is here to stay, and there are numerous benefits that come with achieving a certification from any of the five levels of the credential program. No doubt, there is a lot to be learned, but you can be sure that it will pay off in the long run. If you are planning on becoming a voice in your organization or in the industry, you need to start building credibility for yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to earn certifications. These credentials validate your knowledge and expertise in your area of specialization.

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