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Toyota’s New Self Driving Delivery Has ‘Black Mirror’ Fans Freaking Out

via Food & Wine

Seems as though not everyone is up to date with the new season of Black Mirror, because Toyota just revealed a self driving truck which delivers for Pizza Hut. If you saw the “Crocodile” episode from Black Mirror Season 4, then you would understand how this can go wrong.

Toyota first revealed the self driving vehicle in Las Vegas on Monday, suggesting that it could be used as a delivery vehicle, mobile office, or storefront. Before Toyota made the big reveal, it announced its partnership with Pizza Hut, and even hinted at the idea of using it for pizza delivery.

But fans of Black Mirror, are using the “Crocodile” episode in order to make a point about how this can go wrong. In the episode, a character is hit by a self driving delivery truck, and if you watched the episode, you know how it all ends…

Tech and food might be the death of us all.

[via Business Insider]

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