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Trailer Watch: Expect SYFY’s ‘Krypton’ to Have Quite an Innovative Plot

CREDIT: Steffan Hill/Syfy

The trailer for Krypton is her, and it’s got some pretty cool visual effects amongst other things. Expect the writing for the series to be near perfect as David S. Goyer, the scribe behind Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, takes the reigns.

The plot of the series is quite interesting, as it’s not one that we’ve often seen before. The events occur prior to the destruction of Krypton and center around not Superman himself, nor his father Jor-El, but the grandfather of Superman, Seg-El.

Played by Cameron Cuffe, Sag-El is found to be the ancestor of Superman, and is sought by a force from the future in an effort to change the course of history by ensuring Superman is never born.

The series is set to premiere March 21. Check out the trailer below:


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