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Trailer Watch: Josh Hutcherson Has to Save the Future, Man in Hulu’s ‘Future Man’


From executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg comes a new sci-fi comedy series on Hulu.

Future Man stars Josh Hutcherson as a less-than-successful janitor and world-ranked gamer who is recruited by warriors from the future to stop the coming war on humanity.

If you think that sounds like the plot of The Last Starfighter, so does Hutcherson’s character.

It turns out the game he has been depicting real-world events from the 22nd century, and as the greatest to ever play the game, our custodian hero is humanity’s best chance at salvation.

At San Diego Comic Con, Hutcherson said of the series, “One moment you’ll see a joke and that becomes an entire plot point. It’s just a kind of ridiculous ride that it goes on.”

The show also stars Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings), Derek Wilson (Preacher), Ed Begley Jr. (St. Elsewhere), and Glenne Headly (Don Jon).

Future Man premieres November 14th on Hulu. Watch the Season 1 trailer below:


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