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Trailer Watch: Zach Braff’s New ABC Comedy ‘Alex, Inc.’ is About Family


Zach Braff is living the American Dream in his new ABC series, Alex, Inc. The series was written by Matt Tarses, former producer of Scrubs, and was inspired by the podcast StartUp, which speaks of what it’s like to both start a new venture and different methods to keep one afloat.

In the trailer, Braff’s character, Alex Schuman, gives us a little oversight as to why he’s starting his own podcast venture, evoking a sense of familiarity anyone who wishes to start their own business can probably relate to. Schuman seeks to bring his ideas to life, to work for himself, and work with the type of people he wants to work with.

He’s so dedicated to his craft that throughout the voiceover, which details his reasoning for starting the venture we find that he’s actually disturbing his wife’s sleep by podcasting in bed. With all their savings riding on the success of the venture that’s probably a sacrifice we’re going to see her making much more throughout the series.

Schuman soon finds that starting his own business and raising a family is all a little harder than he expected, but the support of his family seems to guide him through the lows and highs of managing his new found startup.

“When you put your heart and soul into something it can be tough to release it into the world, and in the end the people you love may make your life difficult, but today I succeeded not in spite of my family but because of them,” Schuman says as the trailer comes to a close, delivering the underlying message in it all.

Alex, Inc. premieres March 28 on ABC. Check out the trailer below:

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