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Transgender Activist Trolled the Hell out of Texas Governor

It’s not a secret that politics aren’t any fun without pissing everyone off. “Trolling” in particular is one of the strongest approaches to receiving political attention.

Ashely Smith, Texas activist, decided to have a little fun with Texas Governor Gregg Abbott…and holy shit she got him good. Abbott, a strong supporter of Texas’ anti-trans bathroom bill, didn’t seem to realize he was posing for a picture with a transgender woman and LGBTQ activist.

Gregg Abbott recently announced his re-election Governor campaign. Smith, Indivisible’s Austin chapter member, isn’t the biggest fan of the governor, being a social conservative who recently revived an anti-trans bathroom bill in legislature…

Similar to North Carolina, Abbott wants to make it required people use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex assigned on their birth certificates.

Ashely Smith shared some of her opinions on this,

“We’re about 1-in-300 people, we’re all over the place, we’re your friends and your neighbors,”

“Some of us are not immediately obvious as trans. And the idea that you are going to be able to enforce a bathroom bill, I mean the enforceability is just not there.”

She makes a strong point, considering he had no idea what she was doing in her little selfie stunt…

 [via Mashable]


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