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Très Romantique: You Can Now Buy A Bulb From The Eiffel Tower

via Travel + Leisure

Ah, love. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? Giving a person flowers and chocolates as a token of appreciation. It’s quite a thought. When people think of romantic places, Italy and France are two that come to mind. And if you’re looking for an impressive way to win over your S/O this V-Day without the pricey cost of travelling, you can instead buy them a lightbulb from the Eiffel Tower.

450 of the 20,000 bulbs that illuminate the structure each night is available for purchase, although they will stay attached to the tower, on the base of the structure. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity, explaining the making of the bulbs and their uniqueness.

However, this uncommon piece of love will surely set you back. They cost €540, which roughly converts to $669 USD, before tax. They all come with a print of Caren Georges engraving “The Eiffel Tower ablaze during the 1889 Universal Expo.”

Only buy these if you’re sure this person is “the one.”

[via Travel + Leisure]

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