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Trump Bans Order For Broadcom to Acquire Qualcomm, Because China

Broadcom was just putting the finishing touches on a plan to acquire the company Qualcomm, but recently withdrew it’s plan, thanks to our mighty overlord Donald Trump. Trump executed an order to interfere with the $117 million takeover because he was scared that the deal might “impair the national security of the United States.”

Broadcom is Singapore based, and trying to establish grounds in the US. They are saddened with the order, but will comply, seeing as they don’t have much of a choice. They’re under investigation by CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, duh), due to concerns that the buyout of Qualcomm would stop the production of 5G technology.

Had the deal gone through, 5G production may have slowed, giving China a head in the race. Trump saw the word ‘China’ and immediately slapped his big red (bigger than North Koreas’) button to launch the order.

[via Mashable]


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