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Trump Calls Chuck Todd a “Sleeping Son of a Bitch,” America Collectively Eye Rolls

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Trump Says The Darnedest Things, starring the one, the only, President Donald, ‘I’m not sexist’, Trump!

Ever seen the Sunday morning news NBC show Meet The Press?

Chuck Todd has been a long standing host of the show, delivering interviews and features to thousands of homes each week. He got some free press himself yesterday, during Trumps’ speech in Pennsylvania, where he recalled being on the show in 1999 and talking about how even back then he had wanted to do something about North Korea. He had some words about Chuck Todd though, calling him a ‘sleeping son of a bitch.’

I’d have to assume this is some sort of joke about Todd peddling ‘fake news’, but it’s, like, the worst way to say it, especially in a speech. Do people write speeches for Trump? What’s the point?

My favorite tweet is the response by Tom Brakow, who says about Trumps’ words, “explain that to your children.”

[via CNN]

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