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Trump Doesn’t Know Who to Attack Next, Goes After News Networks AGAIN

See: 'Fascism'


Poor baby Trump. After just having to defend himself against Liddle Corker, he must now win the fight against networks such as NBC. A “staunch defender” of the First Amendment, Trump is crying FAKE NEWS to NBC and CNN reports.

Trump has felt personally threatened by CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and other news sources since the beginning because they speak the truth he is afraid to hear. So in response, like a frightened animal, he must try to go for the attack with his tail between his legs, and offend them through tweets.

However, Trump is now throwing a curveball to his previous record of totally (il)legitimate presidential actions.

People on Twitter immediately condoned him for attacking the First Amendment:

This action sounds exactly like a fascist dictatorship, and he is slowly making 1984 a reality for America.

Trump is an absolute imbecile who needs to stop. Just take his phone away and send him to his room without dinner.

[via Twitter]

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