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Trump Jr.’s Meeting with Russia was “Just Politics!” According to Donnie Senior

Surprise surprise, Donald Trump has posted another ridiculous tweet, this one in regards to his sons’s association with Russia. This ought to be good.

Trump tried to make a point that “most politicians” would’ve taken the meeting with a Russian lawyer that has wrapped his oldest son in a web of controversy, on no other media platform than his infamous twitter account. No Donald, that is not something most politicians would do, that’s some dumb shit that YOU would do.

“That’s politics!”…but is it really? Unsurprisingly, many twitter users fired back to this obnoxious comment.

Trump Jr. even admitted that he would’ve handled things different “in retrospect”. A statement that was quickly resurfaced as a counterargument to this tweet.

I’m not sure why people even take his tweets seriously anymore…everything that he tweets is so embarrassingly stupid.

[via Twitter]

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