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Trump Meets With TMZ Founder in Oval Office, Because Clearly He’s Got Nothing Better to Do


Seriously? Really though?

Clearly the President of the United States has nothing better to do if he is taking meetings with Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ. It’s not as if there are proposals to end the EPA, or unconstitutional bans, or giant overhauls of the healthcare system happening right??

Apparently, the two were “discussing future opportunities,” which may include another appearance for the Donald on Levin’s show, Objectified. Objectified is a breaking news show of incredible cultural relevance, in which Levin talks to celebrities about their most treasured possession.

The meeting, which went unmentioned in the President’s public schedule, included a tour of the White House during which Levin snapped selfies in the Lincoln bedroom. Levin also used the time to approach POTUS about securing a different guest for his show: Tom Brady. I guess having a sitting President on your show is cool and all, but he’s no Tom Brady.

In Trump’s last appearance on Objectified, Levin took the opportunity to tackle some hard hitting journalism.

“Who are you? Who is Donald Trump?” he asked.

“Always a very tough question,” Mr. Trump replied.


[Via NY Times]

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