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Trump Overfed a Bunch of Japanese Fish and Basically Proved That He’s an Idiot

Woohoo, Trump is in Japan. Why am I saying woohoo? Because that means Trump isn’t in America.

Bye, Felicia.

While in Japan, POTUS helped Prime Minister Shinzo Abe feed some fish. You know how people feed fish, right? You give them like a few pebbles. But, Trump dumped the whole fucking thing in there, probably overfeeding and subsequently killing the fish (just assuming, but whatever).

Anyway, Trump say he didn’t know how much of it to pour, he was just following in Abe’s footsteps.

In all fairness, Abe did it first, so Trump really was just following in his footsteps. However, Trump is stupid and I don’t care anymore, so here:

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