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Trump Plans to Travel in a Golden Carriage During his Britain Visit

The official carriage offered to foreign dignitaries. Image via Reuters

President Donald Trump will be visiting Britain later this year, where he is expected to take a ride in a golden royal carriage.

Foreign dignitaries visiting Britain are offered the carriage ride, which takes them from the Horse Guards Parade to Buckingham Palace.

Some turn down the ride however, as former President Barack Obama did during his visit. But it’s easy to see why the golden carriage ride would appeal to Trump, who loves to furnish all his materials in gold.

The reason Trump shouldn’t ride in the carriage is for it’s lack of protection. Obama didn’t take the carriage ride and instead opted to ride in the armored presidential limousine, which protects from bullets, chemical attacks, and small bombs. The golden carriage on the other hand protects from none of those threats.

Protection might be something the president is looking for, considering his visit to Britain isn’t being well-received. Over 1.8 million people signed a petition not to grant Trump a formal visit, which caused the British Parliament to debate the issue. They ultimately decided to reject the request.

[via Elite Daily]

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