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Trump Promises a Great Wall of America that Mexico Will Totally Pay us Back For

donald trump

Donald Trump ran his volatile campaign largely on the promise of building a wall on the Mexican-American border and having them pay for it. After his victory this past November, the president-elect has moved away from the notion of a ‘great wall,’ but has endured that some sort of border protection will be mounted during his presidency.

But in an early morning tweet, Trump assured the American public a “great wall” will be built, and Mexico would be the one paying for it… eventually.

Trump promises Mexico will be footing the bill, however big it may grow, after completion of the wall. This leaves funding to Congress and subsequently paid for by US tax dollars.

Trump usually would need to fund the wall by passing a new border-wall bill, but plans on bypassing the process. Trump believes he could use the authority of the Secure Fence act of 2006, which mandated 700 miles of secured fencing and security systems, passed by George W. Bush, that was never completed.

How Trump plans on actually making our southern neighbor pay for said wall after a barrage of racially fueled comments throughout his bid for presidency is yet to be announced.

[Via Twitter Moments]

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