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Trump is Still Our President But These Puppies Will Make You Smile

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Blizzard put together an adoption event/competition called the Overwatch Puppy Rumble. It is brilliant.

These puppies will make you forget all your woes, because it is impossible to be sad while watching them playing. The two hour event was filled with puppies in costumes, an awesome capture the flag event, and about a million adorable photo opportunities.

The event was put on in partnership with Wags and Walks, a dog adoption center in Los Angeles and all of the dogs playing in the Puppy Rumble were available for adoption. With twelve puppies in total, the capture the flag event was split into two teams of six. The red puppy team, and the blue puppy team.

Here’s the red team in all of their athletic glory:

And here’s the blue team:

The pups didn’t really seem to understand the rules of the game… or that they were playing a competitive sport… but they looked pretty damn adorable fumbling around the field. Who cares if nobody really “won?” There was plenty of action:

Check out Lulu, who, as an act of defiance, decided to mark her territory:

In the second round Lulu was playing hard defense on her blue flag against puppy August, when all of a sudden Lulu’s teammate rushed in and tackled her:

Puppy Tilly mostly sat and bided her time as her teammates did all the busy work:

The five chihuahua mix brothers weren’t feeling the game per se’, but their level of camaraderie was very sweet. They hardly left each others side for one moment the entire game:

There was a final battle between the pups that left the blue flag almost across the middle of the arena, which was just enough movement to give the red team the victory:

[via Mashable]

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