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Trump Tells Russia That It Needs to do More in Helping to Halt North Korea’s Nuclear Programs

On Monday, the White House made a statement in which they said that U.S. President Donald Trump told Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a call, that Moscow needs to do more in upholding their U.N. sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear programs.

President Trump reiterated the importance of taking further steps to ensure the denuclearization of North Korea.

Last month, Trump accused Russia of not helping the United States with the situation on North Korea’s pursuit of its nuclear missiles program, saying that Russia has been assisting North Korea to evade international sanctions imposed on them with their coal exports.

Russia is one of the many countries who voted for and signed on the recent sanctions last year and has denied accusations of failing to do their part. However, according to intelligence sources, after the U.N. sanctions were put in place, there have been reports of North Korea shipping coal to Russia three times, including to the Russian ports of Nakhodka and Kholmsk.

To fund its nuclear missiles program, North Korea has been reliant on their coal exports as it is an important source of foreign currency for them in their objective to having nuclear capabilities of reaching the United States.

[via Reuters]

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