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Trump VS Snoop Dogg, The Worst Rivalry Since The East VS West Coast


Snoop Dogg joined forces with BADBADNOTGOOD, the Canadian Jazz-fusion group, to remix their original hit single, Lavender, which featured Haitian-Canadian DJ Kaytranada. In the video, various characters go about their daily business while in clown makeup, with a brief seconds-long scene of an orange faced Trump-alike being threatened by a cartoonish gun held by Snoop.

Via Youtube

The last scene in the video shows the same Trump-alike attempting to share in the pot circle with Snoop and Co while chained up. The POTUS wasn’t flattered by his portrayal, and tweeted about it this morning as expected.

Trump believing that an Obama cameo would have resulted in jail time, with a capital J and exclamation point, is confusing to say the least, as he’s the sitting president. Wouldn’t the arbitrary made-up law that would have been broken then still be upheld now?

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen went on TMZ, apparently because Twitter was booked, to announce that Snoop owed The Donald an apology. The best part of Cohen’s video is him saying he thought Snoop “was better than that.” Sure, Snoop has, as of late, become a gun control advocate with a song titled No Guns Allowed, as well as his #NoGunsAllowed social media campaign. But this is still Snoop Dogg, right?

In an interview with Billboard, Snoop reiterated his clown-stance, saying, “It’s a lot of clown shit going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into [for the video] like police, the president and just life in general.”

So, that clears it up, in a way. Snoop doesn’t like the president. The President suggested that the only reason Snoop isn’t in jail for pretending to shoot a clown dressed like Trump in a music video, is because The Donald is white. Everyone back to work, just a normal Wednesday.

[Via Complex]

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