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Trump’s Budget Proposal Reveals Information on Family Leave


A senior budget official reports that President Donald Trump’s budget proposal fro 2018 will make states allow for paid family leave programs. The plan allows for six weeks of paid leave for new mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents. This plan strays away from the Republican norm, but Ivanka Trump strongly recommended her father include these rules.

This proposal has a low chance of gaining traction amongst Republicans, but Trump has been a longstanding supporter of paid leave, addressing it in his first Congress Speech.

While the budget planning process was ongoing, Ivanka arranged for an interagency working group to meet in order to discuss women and family issues. The administration said there are budget items in place aimed at women and families.

Two fund programs for children, The Child Care and Development Block Grant and Head Start program will retain the same amount of funding. Meanwhile, two health programs for women and children, The Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and Healthy Start will get an increase in funding.

Of course, these are just snippets of Trump’s  budget. An earlier version of his budget received a lot of backlash from family advocates, due to substantial cuts in education, health and housing programs that would have hindered women and children.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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