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Trump’s Election Has Caused 900 Percent Increase in IUDs

planned parenthood

Women around the country are taking steps to safeguard their uteruses from Trump’s politics, with many opting for IUD insertion. There has been a 900% increase in women requesting IUDs from Planned Parenthood since November 8, according to the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards.

IUDS are intrauterine devices that are inserted into the uterus by a nurse or doctor in about 5 minutes to prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years. The small, T-shaped device can come with or without hormones and is 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy. Women on the pill or other forms of birth control have been opting for this more permanent option because Republican lawmakers seem hell-bent on denying women basic healthcare and reproductive rights.

Talk to your doctors, talk to your friends who have gotten IUDS, and let’s all just hunker down and try to get through the next four years with our health and basic freedoms in tact.

[Via Cosmopolitan]

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