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Trump’s Hair Raising Mishap Makes for Great TV

While boarding Air Force One last Friday, Trump had a slight mishap in which he lost his hairpiece. Unfortunately there was no Men In Black-like alien entrance atop his head, as some conspiracy theorists have suggested – just a YUGE bald spot.

The incident did however practically write every late night comedy shows material for them, making for some good television.

Being that Trump has denied wearing a hairpiece multiple times, Jimmy Kimmel actually got professionals to detail exactly what the hell went on there. One of which simply described it as “a bad weave.” Another replied, “someone didn’t glue that down tight enough.”

James Corden went on to show the clip multiple times on The Late Late Show, adding that “even his hair has been lying to us.” “It looks like he’s flying with an emotional support animal. No wonder this president hates the environment, the wind humiliates him on a daily basis,” Corden added.

Even Seth Meyers got in on the action, dedicating an entire segment to the mishap entitled “Lets Get Petty.”: “I guess that’s one draft you couldn’t dodge,” Meyers quipped.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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