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Tucker Carlson Celebrates Women’s History Month in a Different Way on Fox

Women’s History Month is a time dedicated to honoring and celebrating women’s achievements throughout history. Women have definitely gained some advantages throughout the years, like obtaining the right to vote and own property, but also by ousting their male counterparts who sexually harassed them in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

Some men feel threatened by the spotlight being on women and having to be forced to recognize their struggles and experiences. Tucker Has-To-Be-Wearing-A-Hairpiece Carlson has decided to use his position on Fox News to re-encourage men. He wants men to feel relevant again, because they’re basically all but forgotten, and it’s time we mention the achievements of men, not just women.

Apparently, Carlson hinted at a new series, set to recognize the “largely ignored disaster” that is the undermining and lack of message surrounding male empowerment.

According to TheWrap, Carlson is calling his program, Men in America, which will air in time with Women’s History Month throughout March.

“We hear a lot about female empowerment in this country, but for some reason, you almost never hear about how men are doing in America,” Carlson said, sounding a bit shrill. He believes viewers will be “stunned” by news with the help of his inaugural guest, Jordan Peterson, who also happens to be a controversial psychologist.

“We took a close look at the numbers and we found them so shocking that we’re devoting the month of March to a special series on men in America. You’ll be stunned by the scope of the crisis. We were. It’s a largely ignored disaster and it is a disaster. It affects every person in America,” Carlson persisted.

This is wrong on many levels. For one, Carlson’s main objective here is to put men above women. Women’s achievements are not so important to discuss if it means Americans will forget about all that men have achieved. Under the guise of “male empowerment,” Carlson is singlehandedly trying to keep women silent, as well as creating a toxic form of empowerment for men that is only to justify their work in case they feel threatened by women. This behavior will only create hostility by men towards women, which has become a similar trait in mass shootings.

[via The Cut]

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