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Turns Out Your Netflix Binges are Killing the Environment


Given your anti-social tendencies and wanting to watch Netflix all the fucking time, you’re liking destroying the environment in the process.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon so much energy that it’s actually aiding in destroying our planet. Think about the vast array of media the streaming services hold. Now think about the amount of servers used to hold all of the date. Now image how much electricity is needed to uphold those servers.

Yeah, exactly.

Considering the streaming services are utilizing fossil fuels rather than renewable energy, the carbo footprint they’re leaving behind is killing the planet faster than we could have ever imagine.

On Tuesday, Greenpeacereleased its annual “Clicking Clean” report, which scores digital companies on their environmental performance.

Guess what? Netflix, HBO and Amazon, FAILED.

Check it out:



To make a long story short, stop watching Netflix.

Just kidding. But really…

[via Mashable]

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