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So, it Turns Out That Self-Driving Cars are Easily Tricked by Altered Street Signs

If you want to take a ride in a self-driving car, make sure you live a neighborhood where graffiti isn’t rampant.

Turns out that defacing street signs is almost as much of a threat to autonomous cars as people jumping in front of them. According to new research from the University of Washington, it’s very easy to throw off a self-driving car’s image recognition system by using stickers to alter street signs.

via University of Washington

“We physically realized and evaluated two attacks, one that causes a Stop sign to be misclassified as a Speed Limit sign in 100% of the testing conditions, and one that causes a Right Turn sign to be misclassified as either a Stop or Added Lane sign in 100% of the testing conditions.”

Yeah, the list of reasons of why I’m scared to get into a car that drives itself just keeps growing.

[Via Engadget]

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