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Tweet About Government Shutdown Trumps Anniversary Wish to Melania

Thirteen is supposed to be an unlucky number. Perhaps that’s why Melania and Donald Trump failed to acknowledge their 13th wedding anniversary. According to People, it was this past Monday, but there was no way to tell that from the couple’s social media accounts.

It’s not exactly surprising, as Melania and Donald aren’t known for being romantic.  It’s even believed that Melania hates him too. At the same time, the president is an avid Twitter user, so you’d think he’d want to remind the community that he landed someone way out of his league. Plus, he likes to make everything he does sound better than it is, so why not his marriage?

Trump tweeted that day, blaming the Democrats for the government shutdown.

Maybe that’s his version of a romantic post? His wife’s last tweet was for the first anniversary of her husband’s presidency, which is kind of sweet, except she attached a picture of her and some other dude. We’d do the same!

It’s not just obsessed teenagers that make anniversary posts, either. Most of the former Presidents and their First Ladies like to pay homage on social media. Obama is predictably adorable.

Hillary even lied and said Bill Clinton’s still got it!

Oh, well. The less pictures we have to see of Donald Trump’s crusty weave, the happier I am.

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