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Twitter is Ablaze Over New Yoga Pants Advertised for Concealed Carry

If you’ve ever been wearing yoga pants and thought, “Man, I wish I could carry my gun in these,” then, boy, do I have the product for you! Alexo Athletica had designed a pair of high-rise yoga pants that has an impressive 9 pockets. Unfortunately, they also weirdly politicized these leggings by advertising the pants holding a gun and knife. Spoiler alert: people are not happy.

The video advertisement for these yoga pants doesn’t overtly mention guns, although the tagline is “Carry with confidence.” In it, a woman pulls various items from her pants: a banana, a water bottle, and finally, a bottle of mace to protect herself.

However, in one of the photos, the model on the website has a phone, knife, and gun tucked into this stretchy activewear. Naturally, the Internet had some feelings.

via Jezebel

A lot of people made a similar point about how guns and knives don’t fit with the values of yoga. I would argue that “yoga pants” have become kind of a loose term nowadays. I personally split my yoga pant use between lifting at the gym and going to get bagels on a hungover Sunday morning. Do we need gun leggings? No, but I’m just saying.

Others were just upset that convenient leggings had been marketed for “gun nuts.” Same.

Of course, Tomi Lahren is involved in these controversial pants. The whatever-she-is posted a photo to her Instagram three days ago, packing heat in a pair of their leggings.

Love them or hate them, the free press is sadly working: the yoga pants are sold out in an XS, S, and M on their site.

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