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Twitter Accounts are Tracking this UK Politician’s Flight Knowing that She Will Likely be Fired upon Landing

British Prime Minister Theresa May has requested Priti Patel, international development secretary, to return from her trip to Uganda.


During a recent “holiday” including Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Patel held numerous unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials without notifying the Foreign Office:

She is now on a returning flight from Uganda and may be forced to leave the cabinet:

Patel has reported that she lacks Wi-Fi on her Kenya Airways Flight. Luckily…except not so luckily for her, Twitter accounts have made the fact public:

Other accounts have joked about her direct flight and the rude awakening she will face:

A journalist from The Daily Telegraph was sent to Uganda to interview Patel but was unfortunately “stood up.” The journalist tweeted:

One Twitter user compared the story to Justine Sacco who made a joke about AIDS and race on her flight back from South Africa, oblivious that her career would soon be ruined:

Get a feeling @jonronson will end up writing about Priti Patel’s current international flight with no WiFi the same way he wrote about Justine Sacco’s flight…

— Jack Hart (@MrJacHart) November 8, 2017

Let’s see what happens when Patel finally lands…


[via Mashable]


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