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Twitter Can’t Decide If ‘Despacito’ Is Better With Or Without Justin Bieber

If you say you haven’t been listening to “Despacito” all summer long, I think you’re lying.  I’ve been listening to this song nonstop, and I swear to you I’ve gone to sleep humming the song; it’s that catchy.

Although “Despacito” was a song before Justin Bieber hopped on board, he definitely was the sole reason it became so popular in the United States.

Some people (me) quite enjoy the song with Bieber on it, but others are ready for him to leave the Spanish rapping scene.

Some fans of the OG “Despacito” have been letting their feelings known on Twitter:

Others are a bit harsher:

Some are thankful that Bieber turned the track into something they would actually listen to:

Bieber sadly messed up the “Despacito” lyrics during a live performance which really helped prove his haters right.  Luis Fonsi talked to Rolling Stone about the mess up:

That chorus is not easy to sing, even for fluent Spanish singers like myself. It’s got a lot of lyrics, it’s kind of tongue-twisty.

Can’t we all be a little nicer to poor J. Biebs? It was his first time singing spanish live; he tried his best.  Fonsi tried to help Bieber sound not as bad by saying,

I’ve done songs in other languages, I know how hard it is.




Everyone who helped make Bieber’s version of “Despacito” happen have come to his defense.  Mauricio Rengifo, one of the producers, defended Bieber in an interview with Billboard saying,

I really feel that the fact that he made an effort to sing the song in Spanish is a sign of respect toward our culture and our language. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have done it in Spanish … Anyone who is successful will be criticized, and that helps the songs gain traction. But [Justin] respects Spanish so much that he recorded in Spanish. And that has to be respected.







You bet I’ve been listening to “Despacito” on repeat while writing this article, and now it’ll be in my head for the next week.  No matter if you like “Despacito” with or without Biebs, can we all agree that this song is fantastic?


[via elitedaily]

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