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Twitter is Currently Testing a “Save For Later” Bookmarking Tool


If you have a Twitter account, you know it’s one of the best social media platforms. It provides an endless amount of memes and trolls. With that being said, it can be kind of complicated sometimes to navigate your way through and stay updated on what’s going on in the Twitter Universe. Well, now Twitter is making it easier.

Tech Crunch reported that Twitter is working on launching a bookmarking feature that will allow users to save tweets so they can read them later. The Save For Later feature is going to save tweets, so you can revisit them when you are ready. Naturally, Keith Coleman, Twitter head of product, made the announcement through a tweet.

The prototype is going to allow users to bookmark tweets by clicking on ellipsis, which you can find on the bottom right-hand corner of the tweet. Although it is subject to change being that it is only a first draft of what the feature is going to look like.

Currently Twitter is hoping for your feedback; they want to know what Twitter users want in order to make the feature better. You can pitch ideas by using #SaveForLater.

[via Elitedaily]

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