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Twitter Is Having a Field Day Over These Awful Taylor Swift Courtroom Sketches

REUTERS/Jeff Kandyba

Yo gurl Tay Tay, aka Taylor Swift, is in court this week, suing a former DJ whom she claims groped her during a meet-and-greet in 2013. The trial itself has been fairly juicy so far, most notably the revelation that the former DJ in question destroyed incriminating evidence, but the internet would much rather discuss these courtroom sketches, which are in and of themselves incriminating evidence…that this artist can’t draw for shit.

OH FUCK OFF HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, who knew that Taylor Swift was secretly John Cho in bad drag makeup and a Pollyanna wig? And what is with that beauty mark near her lip? Taylor Swift does NOT have a beauty mark near her lip, you guys. That beauty mark is #fakenews. This shit makes whomever made that wax figure of Beyoncé look like Michaelangelo.

So, was Twitter ready to bring the pain? You best believe it…

We’ll continue to update you on the Taylor Swift trial and whatever meme-worthy terrible artwork it may produce in the near future.

[via The Daily Dot]

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