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Twitter Finally Turns a Profit

Twitter has finally turned a profit.

The company released its Q4 earnings recently, and for the first time in its nearly 12 years of existence, Twitter reported profits of $91 million – a 2% revenue increase from Q4 2016. Surprisingly, Twitter managed to record this increase despite not adding any users over the last quarter, holding firm at 330 million monthly users.

Though this increase would seem to augur well for Twitter’s future, continued profits are by no means assured. For the last eight quarters dating back to Q4 2015, Twitter has lost a combined $745.8 million, with average quarterly losses of just over $93 million:

Via TwitterTwitter did report a 12% uptick in daily active users, despite the platform not adding any new users over the last quarter. It’s unlikely that there are any people left in America who want to join Twitter but haven’t, so whatever Twitter’s total user base in America (they don’t release that information), it seems likely to remain static for the foreseeable future.

This earnings report will be a bit of a feather in CEO Jack Dorsey’s cap, especially considering the mounting criticism he and Twitter have received over the past six months. Twitter and Dorsey have come under fire for the platform’s seeming inability to root out and ban neo-Nazi and white nationalist accounts.

In multiple instances, users have tweeted screenshots of the harassment reports they filed with Twitter, often paired with Twitter’s response that its investigation into the account in question revealed no evidence of wrongdoing. Some users have gone so far as to claim that Dorsey and the platform itself are effectively offering a safe haven for white nationalist and neo-Nazi views, though no concrete evidence of that exists.

But Twitter, after all, is a business, and these concerns are more readily brushed aside when the business is making a buck.

[via Recode]

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