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Twitter Has Suspended “Tweetdecking” Accounts Guilty of Mass Retweets and Stolen Posts

The administrative team over at Twitter has been pretty active in their quest to clean up their social network over the past few months, and they have just taken another big step toward their goal.

According to Buzzfeed, Twitter is taking action against accounts which, as per the company, “amplify or inflate the prominence of certain tweets.” In doing so, they’re banning a great amount of accounts which repeatedly copy and steal tweets from other accounts, as well as ones which engage in massive re-tweets of posts advocating for one thing or another. And this doesn’t just mean random accounts with little to them, as many of them have “hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers,” writes Buzzfeed.

The process, known as “Tweetdecking,” is a violation of Twitter’s updated set of rules and regulations, and the social media giant has also worked toward eliminating bot accounts guilty of Tweetdecking as well.

All of this is very reminiscent of Twitter’s 2017 ban of Russian propaganda accounts which allegedly influenced the results of the 2016 US presidential election, and it’s fair to say that the suspension of these Tweetdecking accounts is a continuation of the company’s desire to make their site a more reliable and safe online community.

[via The Verge]

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