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Twitter Reacts to News of Yet Another Kardashian Sister Pregnancy Rumor

Only Kendall and Kourtney are left

Well it’s time to get to your calendar and add to the list of Kardashian due dates, now that the oldest sister, Kourtney, is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child. That now makes 4 out of the 5 sisters pregnant, Kim via surrogate.

As of now, everything about this pregnancy is a complete mystery. But to be honest, it seems too much of a coincidence, after 3 of her younger sisters have been reported to be expecting as well. But of course, all we can do is keep wondering, while looking for updates on social media until someone finally confirms the news.

Even though there has yet to be any confirmation regarding the rumors, fans on twitter have have gone ahead and posted their reactions about the news.

So far the only baby confirmation we have regarding any of the sisters, is the one about sister Kim Kardashian, after she confirmed the news in a teaser for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Well what we do know, regarding the eldest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is that she’s open to more children, which she admits on the KUWTK Season 14 premiere.

There’s a scene in which a friend asks her if she would ever consider having another kid with Scott Disick, to which she replied maybe, “if the situation was right.” Well it turns out Scott isn’t the only person she’s open to having kids with.

Looks like we just have to wait until we hear a confirmation, see a baby bump, or give it 9 months to see if a fourth one is really going to pop out of her. I’m sure Grandma Kris Jenner is looking forward to having more managing opportunities with all these grand kids on the way.

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