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Twitter Will Now Live Stream College Football

Following in Facebook’s footsteps, Twitter is now going to give you the ability to watch college football games live.

Twitter signed a deal with sports network Stadium to carry 24-hour stream, with live college football games and coverage. While it seems both Facebook and Twitter are out for each other, they will not be streaming the same games.

The CEO of Stadium, Jason Coyle insists that the new deals they just announced are not competitive. He stated in an email:

“Facebook will feature an exclusive package of Stadium-branded games that is not featured in the linear channel appearing on Twitter, and those games will be produced with a customized production philosophy specially-designed for the Facebook platform. The content will not overlap, and we are confident that both will serve our respective partners well, while advancing the Stadium brand overall”

The content shown on Twitter will also be available on for free. Apparently, there will be more announcements made over the next few weeks, as they have plans to partner with other platforms.

The first game to be aired will be on September 2nd between Alabama A&M and the University Of Alabama Birmingham.

[Via Mashable]


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