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Twitter’s New Timestamps Take the Hassle Out of Scouring Live Videos for a Specific Part of the Stream

Have you ever watched a live video on Twitter and noticed how people tweet out specific times that things happened they wanted to talk about? It looks like Twitter has noticed that this is a thing, as they’re releasing a new Timestamps feature that allows to tweet a live video or a replay and start it at the exact moment they’re looking for.

Timestamps, in typical Twitter fashion, is super easy to use. As you’re sharing a live video, you can scroll backwards in order to pinpoint a time at which you would like your viewers to start watching. All you have to do then is post a tweet saying what happens at that point in the video and, boom, your video has been timestamped and people can start the video at that exact point in the video. If your video is still live, viewers can hit the “live” button and it’ll shoot right up to where you are at that point in time.

The new feature has rolled out on Twitter’s website, Periscope, and the iOS and Android Twitter apps, so you can go stamp your times right now!

[via The Verge]

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