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Two Ex-Google Employees are Want to Make Bodegas Obsolete with an Over Glorified Vending Machine, and People are Not Having it

via Fast Company

If you’ve ever lived in a major city, chances are, you’ve been to a local bodega. Whether you’ve needed an egg and cheese at 10 in the morning, or a bag of chips at 9 at night, bodegas, and their friendly owners who probably treat you better than your own family, along with the cats that make their way through the aisles in search of a new friend, are one of the few parts of life that are still charming ever since a cheeto became our president.

Now, two ex-Google employees want to take that away with a… vending machine?

Called “Bodega” (I’ve never rolled my eyes so hard), Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan are attempting to get rid of the corner stores we all know and love, because who doesn’t want to run a bunch of people out of business? According to  Fast Company:

 Bodega sets up five-foot-wide pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store. An app will allow you to unlock the box and cameras powered with computer vision will register what you’ve picked up, automatically charging your credit card. The entire process happens without a person actually manning the “store.”

Yeah, that’s just a vending machine, but with more work.

Oh, and they have the audacity to make their logo a cat.

And, of course, people weren’t having this fucking nonsense of an “invention.”

Yeah, this idea might work in Bumblefuck, USA, but please don’t bring this anywhere near New York City.

[Via The Verge]

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