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Two Texas Congressmen Livestream The Bipartisan Road Trip Of A Lifetime, After Superstorm Grounds Their Planes


How’s this for a spec script for a buddy movie?

A Republican and a Democrat are stuck in Texas because of  a snowstorm, so they rent a car and head for Washington D.C. in time to vote. Along the way, they learn more about themselves, as well as each other, and change the lives of everyone they meet for the better. Roll Credits.

If that’s up your alley of movies you wouldn’t mind sitting through, then go on Facebook right now because it’s happening in real time. Two Texas congressmen, Democrat Beto O’Rourke from El Paso, and Republican Will Hurd from San Antonio, are livestreaming their trip via Facebook Live and Periscope.

The two were landlocked in Texas, 1,600 miles away from D.C., and their votes were due in Washington by 6PM today. So O’Rourke found Hurd and asked if he wanted to partake in the bipartisan trip of a lifetime. And the entire thing has been magical, if you consider long silences pockmarked with road noise and then long bouts of conversation magic.

The best line of this new rom-com road-tripping buddy movie came around the 12 minute mark, when O’Rourke says, “We will have struck the perfect balance between curiosity, being chill, hanging out with people, finding out what’s going on in a town, and then the … you know … discipline to get to where we’re going in time to vote.”

That’s right El Paso, your congressman just said “being chill” nonironically. Enjoy the stream while you can, the pair only have 6 hours to go before they’re too late to cast their ballots. Both Hurd and O’Rourke’s Facebook pages have updates for those interested.

[Via Mashable]

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