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U.S. Fires Test Missile Over The Pacific That’s Unrelated to North Korea, Which is Probably Bullshit

The Air Force launched a missile last night over the Pacific Ocean, but officials are saying that it’s not in relation to the recent North Korea missiles.

The missile was launched last night at around 2:30 AM Pacific Time. It flew out of the North Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, just over 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

The Air Force released a statement about the missile, stating “While not a response to recent North Korean actions, the test demonstrates that the United States’ nuclear enterprise is safe, secure, effective and ready to be able to deter, detect and defend against attacks on the United States and its allies.” In other words, this means “We launched this missile to show that we’re not to be fucked with.”

This the fourth missile to be launched out of the base this year, so there is a decent chance that it is unrelated. With the launches, the missiles travel over 4ooo miles across the Pacific, and land near the Kwajalein Atoll. That’s closer to the Southern side of the globe, but it’s still in the Eastern Hemisphere where North Korea is.

Apart from the launch, the United States offered a “direct response” to North Korea by flying two supersonic B1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday. That’s a bit more like it.

Regardless, stayed tuned for more about World War III. Or the Cold War: The Sequel.

[via ABC News]

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