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Uber Eats is Expanding Its Services to 100 New Cities Around the World

Uber is greatly increasing the scale of their food delivery service, bringing Uber Eats to 100 new cities throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Some of the countries benefiting from the move include Egypt, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, and Kenya. This brings Uber Eats’s presence to over 300 cities total, which is especially cool considering the fact that many of those cities are places in which Uber’s typical ride-hailing service doesn’t have much of a footprint.

The launch of more Uber Eats locations is likely a push for Uber to become more fiscally responsible ahead of a possible IPO. Uber indicated that Eats has been profitable in 45 of their 200 locations, which is actually pretty great considering that 150 of those locations were added over the last year alone. According to the Financial Times, only 3 of its markets active in 2016 were profitable.

Time will tell if this expansion will help the company become even more lucrative, and given the huge jump in profitability that Uber Eats has garnered over the past year or so, it’s more or less a safe bet.

[via TechCrunch]

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