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Uber is Under Federal Investigation for Tracking Lyft Drivers

If you still needed a reason to not use Uber, the ride sharing service is now under federal investigation for spying on their rivals, Lyft.

Earlier this yearThe Information reported that Uber used a software program called “Hell” to spy on the Lyft drivers from 2014 to early 2016 to see which drivers “double apped,” AKA drove for both Uber and Lyft. They would then try and get these drivers to commit only to Uber by sending more riders to them than to those who drove solely for Uber. Then, the company would give them special bonuses for meeting a certain number of riders per week, basically tricking them into thinking Uber would pay them more.

Uber also created fake Lyft accounts to track which areas were under serviced in real time, so Uber could swipe in and claim riders. The program was deemed “Hell” because it was the opposite of “God’s View” which Uber used to track their own drivers, and even celebrities.

An Uber spokesperson told The Verge that,“We are cooperating with the investigation.”

[Via Engadget]

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