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Uber Finally Allows Reservations that Show Pricing

The Mercury News

Heading back from a long flight and then waiting on your Uber to arrive for another 30 minutes can be a drag. With the intentions of helping people get home quicker, Uber, following in Lyft’s footsteps, has adopted a method to assist with the matter.

Starting today, you can now reserve an Uber more than an hour prior to your requested pickup time.

After booking your scheduled ride a window will pop up locking in your cost for the ride, with the exact fare you’ll be paying at the end of the ride in the display window. When previously attempting to book an our or more in advanced users were simply given an estimate of the fare. The price also had the ability to vary depending on whether there was a surge or not.

Now you can acquire a ride for a budget without worrying about the unexpected prices.


To use the feature simply tap the car icon next to “where to,” select your date and time, and add your pickup and drop off locations.

[via Mashable]


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