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Uber is About to Be Color Coded and You’re Going to Love It


I don’t know about you, but every time I take an Uber I have to stand outside like a crazy person and guess which car is the Uber car. Sure, there’s a tiny little sign in the window, but it doesn’t help. Sure, you get the make and model of the car, but that doesn’t really help either. Point of the story is, Uber is about to make your life a lot easier.

According to Newsroom, Uber is testing a color coding system (SPOT) that has you picking the color for a light on the driver’s windshield that glows when your ride gets close. If you want to help the driver, you can also light up your own screen to show that you’re the right person.

Granted, SPOT is only available in Seattle for now, but as we all know, Uber expands very quickly so it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw it pop up in other cities soon.


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