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Uber is Releasing a Perks Program So People Can Keep on Truckin’ for Cheap

Uber is expanding on its Uber Freight app, which allows truckers to book loads in a pretty simple fashion, by incorporating a brand new perk system. Uber Freight Plus will offer truckers various opportunities and discounts which are based around how much they use the service.

Users need only to haul one single load per month in order to qualify for Uber Freight Plus “fuel card,” which can be used to save gas at particular locations. More specifically, they can get 20 cents per gallon off of the normal price of gas at TA/Petro truck stops and 15 cents per gallon off at specific Roady’s truck stop locations in Illinois, California, and Texas. While saving just a couple of dimes per gallon might not seem like a lot at first, when you take the insane amount of gas required to fuel 18-wheelers, the discounts end up making a huge difference. Speaking of those wheels, they can also get up to 30% off of all Goodyear tires they purchase, another big money saver.

The perks don’t just stop at gas and tires, though. After a driver hauls 10 different loads using Uber Freight Plus, they’ll qualify for up to $16,000 off of new truck purposes from Navistar or a possible rebate of $4,000 on used trucks internationally. They can also take 20% to 50% off the cost of truck parts if they buy them from Navistar. And to put the icing on the cake, Uber Freights Plus users can get discounts off of Sprint phone plans.

Senior product manager for Uber Freight Eric Berdinis indicated that Uber wants to make the lives of truckers way easier, telling The Verge,

Every [feature] that we’ve shipped is about how to make the drivers’ time finding loads, going about their day to day, and building a business around Uber Freight easier and easier.

He also believes that Uber Freight is the next big thing in helping truckers, saying,

[Uber Freight] is the next frontier of helping drivers, especially small fleets, level the playing field in the world of trucking, by giving them some of the tools that they need to run their business even outside of finding loads of freight.

In addition, Berdinis feels that Uber Freight is the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to trucking discounts.

We’ve negotiated some pretty deep discounts that we’re spreading to the smallest single truck or single owner folks out there, who can now share the same kind of advantages that you have working at a larger company, with all the same independence and control that you have by booking freight on your own with the Uber Freight app.

Uber Freight hasn’t exactly been the most popular of Uber’s features, and given the constant amount of controversy that seems to be encircling the company at all times, it’s impossible to tell how successful Uber Freight Plus will be. Nonetheless, it should certainly be a big help for truckers and the companies for which they…truck.

[via The Verge]

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