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Uber Pushing for All Electric Cars in London

via Uber

Leave it to Uber to push its company to once again further innovate methods of transportation. With a new CEO, the company seems to be doing just that. The transportation giant announced an ambitious goal of pushing to have all electric Uber vehicles in London by 2025. Of course, because nothing in life is free, they are going to need a little help from consumers.

Uber is planning on tacking on an extra 35 pence in efforts to get the plan initiated, and is expected to collect an estimated £150 million to do so. Though this may seem rather costly, the end goal is for a good cause, in that Uber wants to tackle the ever growing problem of air pollution. Much like Uber, London’s iconic black taxis are also said to be making an effort to move to all electric vehicles as well.

[via Mashable]

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