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Uber Will Teach Riders ASL to Better Communicate with Deaf Drivers


When it comes to your Uber rides, or trips with any ride-hailing apps, conversations between you and your driver can either become super personal, or nonexistent. Being able to communicate with your driver is something a lot of users take for granted, as there are ones that either Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

To show support for these thousands of drivers, and to celebrate National Deaf Awareness Month, Uber is teaching riders basic phrases in ASL right in the Uber app.


Riders will see a special card in the Uber feed. Once they tap it, they’ll be taken to a page where they can select the basics, like “Hello” and “Thank You,” or spell out their name. They’ll then be given a GIF with the word(s) in ASL. That way, they can better communicate with their Deaf or Hard of Hearing driver, because signing “Thank You” or “Hello” in ASL can go a long way.


Glad Uber is finally doing some good, especially for their employees that are typically overlooked in society.

[Via Mashable]

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