UCLA Frat in Trouble for Throwing a BlackFace Kanye West Themed Party


Well technically, it was a “Kanye Western” themed party, but fuck the semantics. So a UCLA fraternity and sorority threw a party that people obviously found offensive. Why? Because everyone at the party dressed in either baggy clothes to look like Kanye or wore ass pads to look like a Kardashian.

The only thing I honestly take offense to here is that I wasn’t invited. Not cool.

A lot of the partygoers also painted their faces black, because well, Kanye West is black.

One UCLA student said: “It’s kind of insane to me. I thought the only colors that are supposed to matter here are blue and gold.” I assume those are the school colors?

The fraternity and sorority in question, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi are investigating the incident.

[via ABC]




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